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Adams Isle Johnny Mack Hood

Adams Isle

Johnny Mack Hood

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

The year is 2050. Sea levels have been rising for nearly half a century. Parts of San Diego are underwater and Point Loma is an Island. For Adam McBride, ten years old, its always been like this. Some miraculous technology still exists, but most of the infra-structure of the country is in shambles. History always presents us with surprises. To compound the difficulties of normal life under these conditions a new sexually transmitted disease, MS - Mule Syndrome, has begun to ravage the world. Populations are falling precipitously. Adam becomes embroiled in local calamities and is finally to be taken by air to CDC in Atlanta to be trained to combat the disease. He never gets there. The pilot of the airship, an Indian resident of an island in the sky, Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, is forced by weather to land in Albuquerque. Adam takes up life in the pueblo for several years and absorbs enough of the culture to get a glimmer of a solution to the problems of Point Loma and perhaps the rest of the world. The mystery of the survival of the Anasazi in the pueblos of the Southwest holds the key.