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Locks and the Cross Albert Robinson

Locks and the Cross

Albert Robinson

Kindle Edition
87 pages
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 About the Book 

In the Easter of 1963 less than a year after Jamaica’s jubilant independence a bloody massacre was launched against Jamaican Rastafarians,Hunted like wild animals by police officers they are brutally beaten, jailed by the hundreds and several killed subsequently to an alleged order from the then Prime Minister Alexander Bustamante. Read about the hardships and triumph of a survivor name Marcus mulling entwined decades later with the life of his son Canute, a Rastafarian and a once promising athlete who struggled emotionally after the tragic death of his mother. Canute’s life is further complicated after falling in love with a Christian girl as he is faced with intense discrimination from the church. Follow the story of persecution, determination, love and success in the novel “Locks and the Cross”.